hiding resources from open resource dialog in eclipse : ctrl+shift+r

Mark the directory that contains the files as derived by right clicking the directory in project explorer. Restart eclipse. From now on when you do a ‘open resource’ it won’t show up any more unless the file is already there in open resource history. (That will go away with time). But new resources from that derived that you’ve not opened will now showup any more. Don’t forget to restart eclipse after marking a resource as derived.

Hot swap debugging in weblogic 8.1

When you try to use hot swap debugging, you sometimes get this error ‘scheme change not implemented’ with weblogic 8.1 using jdk 1.4 and apache ant from eclipse.

here is a solution to fix that. I got this from here

1. Copy org.eclipse.jdt.core_3.1.0.jar from your eclipse/plugins
directory to your ant/lib. If you are using the build.sh or
build.bat then this will be in jboss-head/tools/lib.

2. Extract the jdtCompilerAdapter.jar file from
org.eclipse.jdt.core_3.1.0.jar and put it in your ant/lib (or

3. Edit your build/local.properties file and set

4. do a build clean; build to recompile the main jboss build with
the eclipse compiler.

various uses for dell mini 9

I didn’t really need a netbook as I’ve got two laptops already. But found a refurbished laptop at really good deal so I succumbed to the temptation and bought one. Now I need to figure out ways of using it. Here are some of the ways I’m planning to use it:

  1. As a netbook for browsing Internet while on move.  This one is obvious.
  2. Save paper by using this as a ebook reader. Dell mini 9 works great as an ebook reader as the battery lasts almost 4 hours and doesn’t generate much heat. So you can keep it on you lap for yours or just hold it in hand as a book as it weighs just 2.1 lbs.
  3. I’ve some hardware that isn’t supported by 64 bit Windows like dph-50u (dlink skype void adapter). I can use such hardware on mini 9 and install the 64 bit vista on the desktop.

Please post any other ideas you might have.

light weight pdf reader for dell mini 9 , netbooks

Don’t you hate the fact that your slow adobe pdf reader 8 takes 167 MB of your hard drive and takes like 5 secs to load. When I bought the dell mini 9 which came with only 8GB of ssd, I had to be stingy on hard drive space and 167 MB for a pdf reader was totally unacceptable for me. I googled for an alternative and found the ‘Sumatra PDF‘. That’s how I came across this. This is really nice reader which is only 1 MB in size. You heard it right….just one MB!! And the features it provides are more than enough for day to day tasks. It also remembers the last page you opened. So when you open the pdf again, it will take you to the page you were viewing when you last opened it.