Hot swap debugging in weblogic 8.1

When you try to use hot swap debugging, you sometimes get this error ‘scheme change not implemented’ with weblogic 8.1 using jdk 1.4 and apache ant from eclipse.

here is a solution to fix that. I got this from here

1. Copy org.eclipse.jdt.core_3.1.0.jar from your eclipse/plugins
directory to your ant/lib. If you are using the or
build.bat then this will be in jboss-head/tools/lib.

2. Extract the jdtCompilerAdapter.jar file from
org.eclipse.jdt.core_3.1.0.jar and put it in your ant/lib (or

3. Edit your build/ file and set

4. do a build clean; build to recompile the main jboss build with
the eclipse compiler.


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