Compling JSP using org.apache.jasper.JspC generated empty web.xml when run in eclipse 64bit

I was getting an empty web.xml when I tried to compile the JSPs using JspC shown above. I was running this using ant script and this ant script was run using eclipse. Turns out, eclipse was using a 64bit JDK but the ant script had a 32bit JDKs tools.jar in classpath. Making that point to the 64bit jdk in the script solved the issue.

oracle sqldeveloper column ordering and hiding

You can right click on any column in data view or query result and reorder the columns. This is useful when you have a table with large number of columns and you are only interested in few columns like status etc. Sometimes you may not see this option when you right click. This is a bug I noticed in In such cases, just restart sqldeveloper.