File write privileges in Oracle utl_file

If you run the following, you will see directory_name,directory_path values. You need to use the directory_name in your utl_file.fopen call instead of directory_path. Is just a layer of indirection so that the code that uses the directory_name doesn’t have to change when ever the path changes.
select * from dba_directories;

The other option is configuring the directory in init.ora file, which is the old style.  In this case you have to use the full directory path in your fopen call, e.g. utl_file.fopen(‘/home/usr/tmp’,’hello.txt’)

IE8 self closing tags loaded via Ajax.

Do not do this. Never use self closing tags for elements that can have content like <span id=”orderList”/> . It is ok to use <input type=”text” name=”ssn”/> since an input tag cannot have content. If you Ajax to load a self closing span or div tag, all the elements following that tag, a.k.a siblings, become the children of that tag. This behavior  was noticed in IE8 using jQuery.html() . Using jQuery.text() instead fixed the issue somewhat, but not completely, as it was not showing the text content in the span but at the bottom of the page.

Didn’t notice this issue in IE9, FF and Chrome.

Read more on self closing tags here:

Tomcat Sysdeo plugin: Deploy at Root context

Just specify the context name as “/ROOT”. It will be deployed at server root, which by default is : http://localhost:8080/

iBatis/myBatis – bean to map using BeanUtils.describe

I have seen coders manually create a map and populate it with bean properties and pass it sqlMap template. I find much easier to just use BeanUtils.describe instead.

Phone number to test your VOIP quality

If you want to test Google voice, Skype, Vonage, OBI and VOIP services, you can dial the number 909-390-0003 for listening to your echo.

Finding IP address of a managed switch/access point

I configured a wireless router as a access point (turn of dhcp, assign a static ip, connect lan cable to lan port). But after a few months I forgot the static ip of the wireless router acting as an access point/switch. Then I found Network Scanner ( that listed all the devices on the network.  And I could easily tell which one is the switch as there are only two devices outside the DHCP range. The credit for this goes to