Working on IDEA after working with Eclipse for 10+ years

Here the IDEA shortcuts for Eclipse features:

Ctrl+Y Delete line

Ctrl+D Duplicate line

Alt+Shift+Up/Down move line

Ctrl+F12 Outline

Ctrl+N Open type

Ctrl+Shift+N Open file

Ctrl+E Recently opened files (same as Eclipse)

Ctrl+Shift+E Recently edited files (there no equivalent in Eclipse)

Alt+Enter (eclipse quick fix)

Ctrl+Alt+V (assign to local var)

Shift+F6 Rename

Ctrl+Alt+B Open Impl, Ctrl+B Open declaration

Ctrl+F4 close editor/window

Ctrl+U Open super type

Ctrl+Alt+F7 A popup window that shows the uses

Ctrl+P shows parameters

Ctrl+Tab Switcher

Alt+-> or Alt+<- navigate between open tabs

Ctrl+Alt+ -> or <- Go to last cursor location

Ctrl+Shift+F search in path

Ctrl+W incremental selection

Ctrl+Shift+Backspace Go to last edit location

Ctrl+Shift+EnterĀ – automatically completes the code statement you are typing, inserting the quotation marks, brackets, curly braces and other punctuation as necessary

Jackson ObjectWriter.writeValue fileoutputstream Write error

The ObjectWriter.writeValue writes to OutputStream and it then closes the stream. So once you pass an OutputStream to that method, you won’t be able to write to that Stream any more.