Working on IDEA after working with Eclipse for 10+ years

Here the IDEA shortcuts for Eclipse features:

Ctrl+Y Delete line

Ctrl+D Duplicate line

Alt+Shift+Up/Down move line

Ctrl+F12 Outline

Ctrl+N Open type

Ctrl+Shift+N Open file

Ctrl+E Recently opened files (same as Eclipse)

Ctrl+Shift+E Recently edited files (there no equivalent in Eclipse)

Alt+Enter (eclipse quick fix)

Ctrl+Alt+V (assign to local var)

Shift+F6 Rename

Ctrl+Alt+B Open Impl, Ctrl+B Open declaration

Ctrl+F4 close editor/window

Ctrl+U Open super type

Ctrl+Alt+F7 A popup window that shows the uses

Ctrl+P shows parameters

Ctrl+Tab Switcher

Alt+-> or Alt+<- navigate between open tabs

Ctrl+Alt+ -> or <- Go to last cursor location

Ctrl+Shift+F search in path

Ctrl+W incremental selection

Ctrl+Shift+Backspace Go to last edit location

Ctrl+Shift+Enter – automatically completes the code statement you are typing, inserting the quotation marks, brackets, curly braces and other punctuation as necessary


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