Free SSL Cert from StartCom for Google App Engine

You can get a free domain level (DV) cert from and then use it to secure your Google app engine site. For details, go here:

Google App Engine deploy error: Error when loading application configuration:Unable to assign value ‘1.9.31’ to attribute ‘version’:Value ‘1.9.31’ for version does not match expression ‘^(?:^(?!-)[a-z\d\-]{0,62}[a-z\d]$)$’

This is a bug in app engine maven plugin. In your pom.xml, rename appengine.version to appengine.sdk.version. More on that here:

IntelliJ and Maven- Auto deploy static files

Doing a deploy just to refresh the static files is a time consuming process, which is usually the case if you have a maven WAR project running from IntelliJ. Every time you update a static file like ‘.js’ or ‘.css’ file, you have to do a deploy for the changes to reflect in browser. A quick work around would be to ‘Make’ the project (Ctrl+F9 in Windows) and enable the ‘build on make’ checkbox for ‘exploded war artifact’ in project structure settings.