About me and this blog

About this blog:

I keep learning many new things in my work as programmer. Since human memory is limited, I keep forgetting things I learn. So when I find something worth remembering, I just blog it here. This blog has been created to document all such learnings.

About me:

I have been working as a  computer programmer since I graduated. I’m one of those lucky people who get paid for doing what they love. I’m interested in photography and recently started collecting Minolta AF lenses (Please do let me know if you have a Minolta AF lens for sale. ).

2 Responses to About me and this blog

  1. Gabe Werra says:

    Hi Suneel,

    Are you interested in new opportunities?

    Contact me if you would like to hear more details about positions that I think could be a good fit for your skill set.

    ITR Group Inc is looking for some talented JAVA Developers to work on some great projects with our clients here in the Twin Cities.

    Thank you,

    Gabe Werra
    ITR Group Inc

  2. Doug says:

    Suneel, I am into photography as well although I shoot Nikon (currently full frame digital with prime lenses.) We should talk.

    Doug R.

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